'The Silmarillion in Elvish' Project is an attempt to translate fragments of The Silmarillion by John Ronald Reuel Tolkien into Elvish languages: Quenya and Sindarin. The Silmarillion or Quenta Silmarillion together with Ainulindalė or The Music of the Ainur, Valaquenta or The Tale of the Valar and few minor texts are tales from Elder Days of Middle-earth put together by Pengolodh according to J.R.R. Tolkien. You are welcome to take part in an unusual and exciting project!

Your Quenya and Sindarin text can be added to the list of tales (see below), that according to Charles E. Noad, a member of Tolkien Society, is The Silmarillion as Tolkien may have intended it (cf. On the Construction of "The Silmarillion" in Tolkien's Legendarium. Essays on 'The History of Middle-earth' edited by Verlyn Flieger

and Carl Hostetter, Westport-London 2000, pp. 31-68).

If you want to see The Silmarillion as it could be in Middle-earth send us your Quenya or Silmarillion translation. First the most famous Elvish linguists will be asked for their opinion about the text and than we will add your composition to this collection! Some fragments of The Silmarillion tales can be already read. We wait for your opinion about them!


A cendal Quenta Silmarillion lambenen Quendingoldova!

'Read Quenta Silmarillion in the toungue of Pengolodh!'


Quenta Silmarillion

Of the beginning of days (Quenya)

Of the coming of the Elves (Quenya)

Of the flight of the Noldor (Sindarin)

Of the return of the Noldor (Sindarin)

Of the ruin of Beleriand (Quenya)

Concerning the Powers

Ainulindale (Quenya)


Introduction (Quenya)

Of Manwė and Melcor (Quenya)

The Great Tales

The Lay of Leithian (Quenya)

Narn i Chīn Hśrin

The Fall of Gondolin

Eärendil the Wanderer

The Later Tales


Of the Rings of Power (Quenya)


The Tale of Years

On the Laws and Customs among the Eldar

Dangweth Pengološ

Athrabeth Finrod ah Andreth (Sindarin)


Quendi and Eldar

Cuivienyarna (Quenya)

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