Oath of Fëanor's Sons

by Karolina Stopa


This Rúmilian document and the artwork entitled Oath of Fëanor's Sons were made by Karolina Stopa, a member of the Polish Tolkien Society and a famous Tolkienian Polish artist. Both items come from the Elvish Linguistic Calendar 2001/2002. Karolina's artwork, based on the tales from The Silmarillion can be found in our gallery. You can see also her beautiful Rúmilian calligraphy: a sarati transcription of the J.R.R. Tolkien's text cited above.


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This Rúmilian document is a transcription of the J.R.R. Tolkien's text found in the Morgoth's Ring, p. 112. The transcription is based on the article by Arden Smith in Vinyar Tengwar #37: The Túrin Prose Fragment: An Analysis of a Rúmilian  Document.


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Artwork by Karolina Stopa: Oath of the Fëanor's Sons.



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