Cuivienello Tol Eressëanna
by Ryszard Derdzinski


This short poem was first published in the Elvish Linguistic Calendar 2001. In its author's intention it is a text written by Galadhorn, a man of the Elder Days who lived in Eglarest and described the feelings of an Noldor Elf who after the War of the Jewels wants to come back to Eldamar.


Telpina lindë nenilion

rilma elellion unótimë


- lindalessë ontaina ná lambelwa

ilúmë órenwar cendar Númenna.


Alass' ar alma Eldamarwa

ataltanë nu falmar nár ar serceva.

Ninquë huinessë Helcaraxeva

antoryanelwë órengwar,

avamarnë ar etyë.


Man Heceldamar nu huine anga-carmo,

man ninqua ar firima rilmassë Silmarillion,

erya estel elwa vasta yo Hildor.

Ulyaina sercë alafiryar ar firyaiva

sirir minë sirenen unótimë yénilíva.


Silmarilli, alcar ar... úcarmë;

sára ná sina ohta – nangwë sin haira;

ar Eär ata tulta.

Silver song of waters

glittering light of the numberless stars


- in music our speech was born,

when our hearts were turned towards the West.


Happiness and bliss of Eldamar

drowned under the waves of fire and blood.

In frosty gloom of Helcaraxë

we hardened our hearts,

homeless and exiled.


Either Beleriand under the shadow of the iron-crown,

or in the icy and deadly light of the Silmarils,

our only hope is alliance with the Followers.

Blood poured over of the immortal and the mortals

flows with one river of the numberless years.


Silmarils, glory and... sin;

Bitter is this war – victory so distant;

And the Sea summons again.





*-l 'we'; -lwa 'our'

*antorya- 'strengthen, harden'

*vasta 'league, alliance'

*úcarmë 'sin'

*nangwë 'victory'



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