Music by Jessica Butler



Dreaming about 'Elvish' music, of which we read in Tolkien's books, I have had vague imagination what such music would be. Jessica Butler, a musician from America, has made my dream real.


Jessica Rae Butler (25) is a music student in Southern California, in the United States. Currently she is studying Vocal Performance, although she has a background in instrumental as well. She has been involved in music and performance since she was a child, and she loves all kinds of music. It is only recently, however, that Jessica has dared venture into composition at any length. You can read more about Jessica on her website.

Jessica Butler is also a linguist at heart. She loves languages and the art and science of communication. She has spent the past several months trying to learn Sindarin! It was Tengwar that drew her into Tolkien's Lord of the Rings, because it shared a few similarities with written Gujarati, a language from Western India, which she had been studying for curiosity's sake. This exploration into Tengwar and Sindarin, combined with her love for music, has inspired her to write

the 'Elvish' music she has been writing of late. It is her opinion that Howard Shore (composer for the Peter Jackson films) has perfectly captured the essence of Elvish music, and the ethereal and otherwordly feel of his music has stuck with Jessica, and quite obviously influenced her own compositions. She currently has three compositions, two in Sindarin and one in Quenya, and she hopes over time to generate more (especially for Gwaith-i-Phethdain!). To listen to Jessica's music click below.






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