The Fall of Gil-galad 

translated into Sindarin by Ryszard Derdzinski


J.R.R. Tolkien's Fall of Gil-galad is a song sung by Samwise near Amon Sl (see Knife in the Dark in The Ring Sets Out, in The Fellowship of the Ring). Its first Sindarin translation: Lant Gil-galad by Eli Bar-Yahalom was published 11 years ago in Vinyar Tengwar #26 (November 1992), p. 17. My text is based on translation of Eli Bar-Yahalom, but I have introduced few minor changes which are in accordance with Sindarin documents by Tolkien revealed recently in Vinyar Tengwar.


Man Gil-galad? mabent Gelir; dan Telcontar -dhambent, a e thiant i siriant vi innath. Na-vragol i-lam dofn norr:

O Gil-galad i Edhelchr
dim linnar i thelegain:
Im Belegaer a Hithaeglir
Aran ardh vethed vain a lain.

Gariel maegech Gil-galad,
Thl palan-gennen, ann-vegil;
A giliath arnoediad
Tann thann dn be genedril.

Dan io-anann os si gwannant
A mas, -bedir ithronath;
An gl dn na-dath di-dhant,
vi Mordor, ennas caeda gwath.

Word-for-word translation:


Where [is] Gil-galad? asked Merry; but Strider not-answered, and he seemed that [he] flowed in thoughts. Suddenly the voice low murmured:

About Gil-galad the Elven-king

sad sing [pl.] the harpers:

between Great-sea and Misty-mountains

king [of] reign last fair and free.


Holding sharp-spear [of] Gil-galad,

helm afar-seen, long-sword;

and stars unnumbered

show [the] shield his like [a] mirror.


But ago-long from now [he] passed

and where, not-say [pl.] loremasters;

for star his to-darkness down-fell,

in Mordor, there lays shadow.


*mabent 'asked'.

*dambent 'answered'; cf. dambeth 'answer'.

*na-vragol 'suddenly'; cf. bragol 'sudden' and a pattern seen in adverb na vedui 'at last'.

*norr 'murmured'; cf. *nor- 'murmur', cognate of Quenya nurra-.

*io-anann 'long ago'.

*tann 'showed'; preterite of *tan- 'show' < *TA-N- 'show, indicate'.

*mas 'where?'.


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