Elven Hymn to Elentári Tintallë
by Elanor


This poem comes from The Lord of the Rings, Book I, Ch. 3. It was first published on the Polish Tolkien Forum as one of the attempts in the project entitled Translations into Elvish. Elanor comes from Poland and she is a member of the Forum.

This is one of few translations of Snow-white, Snow-white! The most known one is Fana-losse by Björn Fromén.



A Lossë! A Lossë! A heri poica!
A Tári i númenyar eari pella!
A cala men i ranyar sinomë
Imbë Arda lanyainë aldaron

A Tintallë! A Elentári!
Poicë hendulya ar calina súlelya
A Lossë! A Lossë! Lírilmë lenna
Haira nóresse ear pella.

A eleni, i Loasse Alanarea
Mánen silala senen rende nér
Nomessen vanwavoisi si caline ar poice
Cenilme lossella telpe vilala

A Elentári! Tintalle
Enyalilme er, i marir
Haira nóresse sina undu i aldar
Silmelya Númenye Earinnar.


Literal translation:


'O Snow-white! O Snow-white! O lady clean!
O Queen the western seas beyond
O light us-to that wander in-this-place
Between Worlds woven trees-of

Gilthoniel! A Elbereth!
Clean eyer-your and light breath-your
O Snow-white! O Snow-white! Sing-we you-to
Far land-in sea beyond


O stars that Year-in Un-sunny
Hand-with shining she-by sown were
Lands-in windy now light and clean
See-we blossom- your silver floating

O Elbereth! Gilthoniel!
Recall-we still, who abide
Far land-in this beneath the trees
Starlight-your Western Seas upon.'


Glossary of the reconstructed words:


Alanarëa is my reconstruction in which I used the prefix ala- 'un-' and Anar plus the adjectival suffix -ëa.
nome or 'place' used here as 'field'.

vilala this is my reconstruction of 'blown'.


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