Laer Thoron 

translated into Sindarin by Ryszard Derdzinski


This Sindarin translation was made especially for Easter 2004. I have chosen The Eagles's Song (Sindarin Laer Thoron) from The Return of the King, pp. 254-255 which tells about the King who has returned. One particular fragment of this song has a meaning especially familiar to the hearts of the Christians who celebrate Easter: (...) the Black Gate is broken, / and your King hath passed through, / and he is victorious.


No i Anor bennant hae o enedhr i Thoron dhaer reviant o rhn; a e thung i vereth athan harthad in Rodyn o Annn, canel:


Linno hi le, gwaith o Minas Anor
dn arnad Gorthaur dungen na-vethed na-uir
a Barad-dr dhannen na-lth.

Linno a eglerio gwaith o Minas Tirith
dn tirith ln -nant pen theled
a Morannon vreithannen
a Aran ln athrada han
a e 'ellui.

Linno a lalo le, i-chn Annn
dn Aran ln allennatha
a e dhorthatha im le
vi eraid bain in chuil ln

A i-'Aladh tharn natha adwain
a e 'alannatha han bo said daur
a i-Vinas natha galu.

Linno le bain, gwaith!

English translation (original text by J.R.R. Tolkien):


And before the Sun had fallen far from the noon out of the East there came a great Eagle flying, and he bore tidings beyond hope from the Lords of the West, crying:


'Sing now ye people of Minas Anor
for the realm of Sauron is ended for ever
and the Dark Tower is thrown down.

Sing and rejoice, ye people of the Tower of Guard
for your watch hath not been in vain,
and the Black Gate is broken,
and your King hath passed through,
and he is victorious.

Sing and be glad, all ye children of the West
for your King shall come again,
and he shall dwell among you,
all the days of your life.

And the Tree that was withered shall be renewed,
and he shall plant it in the high places,
and the City shall be blessed.

Sing all ye people!'

Interlinear translation:

[Mutation are removed but marked with a ° sign for clarity,

reconstructed words marked with a * sign]


*No i Anor pennant hae o *enedhr i Thoron daer reviant o rhn;

Before the Sun slanted-down far from mid-day the Eagle great flied from east;


a e tung i mereth athan harthad in Rodyn o Annn, canel:

and he bore the feast beyond hope of-the Valar from West, crying:


Linno hi le, gwaith o Minas Anor

Sing now you, people of Minas Anor


*dn arnad Gorthaur tungen na-vethed *na-uir
for [the] realm of Sauron [is] brought to-end for-ever


a Barad-dr dannen na-lth.
and Dark-Tower [is] fallen to-dust.


Linno a eglerio gwaith o Minas Tirith
Sing and praise people of Tower [of] Guard


*dn tirith ln -*nant pen *theled
for watch yours wasn't without purpose


a Morannon breithannen
and Black-Gate [is] broken


a Aran ln athrada han
and King yours passes it


a e gellui.

and he [is] triumphant

Linno a
*lalo le, i-hn Annn
Sing and be-glad you, the children [of the] West


*dn Aran ln *allennatha
for King yours again-will-come


a e dorthatha im le
and he will-dwell among you


vi eraid pain in cuil ln
in days all of life yours

A i-
Galadh tharn *natha *adwain
and the Tree withered will be renewed


a e *galannatha han bo said taur
and he will-plant it in places high


a i-Minas natha galu.

and the City will be blessed.

Linno le
pain, gwaith!

Sing you all, people!



no 'under, *before'; recontructed by David Salo.

*enedhr 'noon; midday'; from enedh 'middle' and aur, -r- 'day'.

*dn 'for'; recontructed by me after Quenya nn 'for'.

*na-uir 'forever'; adverb reconstructed after Sindarin ne-vedui 'at last'.

*natha, nant 'will be; was'; reconstructed, cf. Sindarin no 'be!', being a derivative of the verb *na- 'to be'.

*theled 'purpose, meaning'; reconstructed after Sindarin verb thel- 'to intend, mean, purpose'.

*lala- 'laugh; be glad'; reconstructed after Sindarin lalaith 'laugter' and Quenya lala- 'laugh'.

*allenna- 'come again'; reconstructed after Sindarin anglenna 'approach' and the element ad 'again': ad-glenna- > allenna-.

*adwain 'renewed; again new'; from ad 'again' and gwain 'new'.

*galanna- 'give growth; plant'; reconstructed after Sindarin gala- 'grow' and anna 'give'.



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