Quenya Poems
by Arandil Elenion


The author of Ninqueldan and Tirno Silmarillion (below) is Arandil Elenion. Arandil was the first prize winner in the Third Elvish Language Poetry Prize in 1999. The two poems are about a Vanyarin elf who fought in the War of Wrath and after the battle ended guarding the Silmarils and was killed by Maedhros. As Arandil Elenion claims, Ninquelda was Arandil's grandfather. Ninquelda was his epesse due to his liking for white color, and his name was Arindo.




Eresse Tol-Eresseasse,
Lillassea lótesse pella,
Ar esce lisceo, ar lasse
I hessa hlapula menello.


Arinya losse or lord 'aire
Fifíruva wilyasse hiswa,
Ar tiruvalye olor aire
Enyalien i vanwa iswa.


Ar erumesse hiruvalye
I metya harma sa haryalye:
I hesin yenion, alasse -
Eresse Tol-Eresseasse.




To Ninquelda


Loneliness at the Lone Island,
Beyond the many-leafed spring,
And rustle of reed, and leaf
Dry, flying from the sky.


In the morning - snow over the sleeping sea
Will melt in misty air,
And you will see a holy dream
For recalling lost knowledge.


And in desert will you find
The last treasure you possess:
Winter of years, happiness -
Loneliness at the Lone Island.


Tirno Silmarillion

I lúme utúlie,
A tirno Silmarillion,
Tienna narwa
No rocco néca,
Yan i esse ná Qualme, -
Wilie haiyave
Númenna Wisto,
Ardallo melima.

Vainolelya unqua
Ar macilya rusta
Loráva nenessen
I caituvar ńalle.
Ve laurea anna,
Hroalya racina
Antalye nóren
Sa varyane li.

Ná carna nilmonen
Tyarda avatyarima,
An nar cotumor qualini,
Naina, Valariande,
An i calwo ná firin,
Ar elenu vinye
Úsiluvar eldain.
Nán i Raice na cuine.





Guard of the Silmarils

Hour has come,
O guard of Silmarils,
Onto road fiery-red
On a pale horse,
Whose name is Death -
To fly far,
To the West of the Sky,
From dear Arda.

Your empty sheath
And broken sword
Will sleep in the waters,
That will cover the dale.
Like a golden gift,
Your broken body
Are you giving to lands
That you were protecting.

Is made by friend
Unmakable deed,
For foes are dead,
But Marring is alive.
Weep, Beleriand,
For the hero is dead,
And two new stars
Will not shine for Eldar.



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