by Joel Whitmore & Kevin Cashen



This wonderful sword belongs to Joel Whitmore. Here is its story (from a letter from Joel): Like many a young man, I fell in love with Middle-earth long ago. Combined with my love of medieval swords, I just had to have Andúril made as I saw it in my head. Finally to got my chance when renowned sword-maker Kevin Cashen agreed to take on my project. Try as I might, I could get no one to translate Sindarian for me. So I did the best I could. Enclosed are the results of the two year project. I am just wondering how badly I did on the syntax. This blade is one of a kind so this bad Elvish will not be getting out to the masses an polluting the linguistic gene pool ;-)


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The sword Sindarin inscription is:


Anduril onnen o i hathol o Narsil Crist o Elendil i Orchal

'Anduril, made of the shards of Narsil, sword of Elendil the Tall' 


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