Alatarielo Nainie Mistalonnese

by Ryszard Derdzinski



This is my first translation into Telerin. This poem in its Quenya form will take part in the next Elvish Language Poetry Prize organized by Lisa Star. For the detailed analyzis of Telerin or Lindárin see Helge Fauskanger's text Telerin - the language of the Sea-elves.


Ai! telperinai pennar niei rossenen,

Iéni únótimai be míri Aiaro!

Iéni be lintai naktai avánier

nu hallai gallai lisse-coibasava

i malinorni Lóriendese

nu lauraiai, iasei lilindar i filici

ar vilia lilta enta lírinen.


Man erca óre nio ettuccuba?


An sí mapuba Ulmo ciria ma 

be findi-falla; Baradis mentuba

i Elestel  i en tulia me

Annúne pella, nimpei srestanai

or helle cúna, helle rácina.

Nan merin minia lóte elanar

an sire cenin Ennor tellabe.


Namárie! Autame Balinórena,

Ennórelo autai! Namárie!


Ah! Like silver fall the tears in the rain, long years like numberless jewels of the Sea! Long years have passed like swift morsels of the sweet lembas under lofty trees, under golden mallorns of Lórien, in which birds are singing and the air dances in their song. 


Who will draw out a prickle of my heart? 


For now Ulmo seizes our ship like a grey foaming wave; Varda shall send the Star of Hope which will lead us above heavens bending and broken beyond the West, towards white shores. But I want a flower of elanor, for today I see Middle-earth for the last time. 


Farewell! We leave to Valinor. 

We leave Middle-earth! Farewell!





*telperina, pl. *telperinai 'silver' (adj.)

*be 'as, like' (Q ve, S *be)

*Aiar 'Sea' (Q Ear, S Aear)

*nakta, pl. *naktai 'a bite, morsel' (Q nahta)

galla, pl. *gallai 'tree' (Q alda, S galadh)

*nakta, pl. *naktai 'a bite, morsel' (Q nahta)

*coibas, pl. *coibasi 'nectar of the Valar' (Q coimas)

*ettuca-, fut. *ettuccuba 'draw out' (Q *ettuncuva)

*findi-falla 'grey foaming wave' (Q *sindi-falma)

Baradis 'Varda Valië'

*nimpe, pl. *nimpei 'white' (Q ninquë)

*sresta, pl. *srestai 'shore' (Q hresta)

*helle, pl. *hellei 'sky'

*tellabe 'lately, for the last time' (Q teldavë)


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