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Thus Spake Fanor (1990). This graphic was first published in Mythlore LXIV, pp. 17, 21 then in Vinyar Tengwar, p. 6-7. The tengwar inscription in Quenya reads: Y ea ve inye intyane. Pertorninya mere soi esta nin, sinanen ve ilqainen. Etvanyo-tye ar envanyo mentyanna. Tro, per-toron! Sina n aika ala lambetya. Kose er l atta mapa haryanya ar i meles atarinyo ar nai metyava Noldoron mine man mere n mlaturo. 'Lo it is as even I guessed. Half-brother-mine wishes himself to precede me, this-thing-in as everything-in. Out-forth-thee and again-forth place-thy-to. See, half-brother! This is sharp beyond tongue-thy. Strive but a time again to seize place-mine and the love father-mine-of and maybe will end one Noldor-from who wishes to be thrall-master-of.' The scene is that of The Silmarillion, p. 70.



Fingolfin's Ride (1990). It was first published in Cirth de Gandalf #9, 1990, later in Vinyar Tengwar #22, 1992. The tengwar inscription in Sindarin reads: Fingolfin elant narchiel arenechediel nossath o Golodhrim, pathrant nurath a ilestel ammonath Rochallor polodrin roch dn, erial ednorant -deriol '?'.


Maglor Before Himring (1987). A pencil sketch. The tengwar inscription reads: Maglor nora harn na Himring 'Maglor runs south to Himring'.


Cranthir (1989). This is a portrait of Caranthir killed by the Orcs. An inscription reads: I ngurth Cranthira 'Caranthir's death'. It is probably in North Sindarin or Doriath Sindarin dialect.


Cirith Aglon (1989). The inscription in tengwar reads: Cirith Aglon. Erain Golodh Celegorn a Curufin o Godorod echant Aglonost 'Cirith Aglon. Kings [of] Noldor Celegorm and Curufin from Godorod [?] made Aglonost'.

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'Equipment for the Rochon' (1989). Tom Loback reconstructs the Sindarin names for the armor of the Rochon Fanorim or 'the Fanoian Rider'. The tengwar inscription reads: I gobennas Hn Fanor nant pathrant na carthin aglareb. Nos Maedhros, nos Maglor, nos Celegorm a Curufin norant Rochin nim a polodrin. Rhancin a gwarhancin hain tennant o tinc, gais, glaur a geleb. Angweint Gwanur Noriel e Fanorim noediad menegin 15. Min rochon tulthant ammagol, andech, peng, baenol, crist, trumb. Min rochon nant hamniant na tarhaimp helvin a temblath a roblath. 'The history of the Kin of Fanor was filled with glorious deeds. House of Maedhros, House of Maglor, House of Celegorm and Curufin rode horses white and strong. Weapons and equipment they made [?] of metal, copper, gold and silver. [The] strongest [?] Ridings of the Fanorians numbered 15 thousands. One rider carried long sword, long spear, bow, sheath [?], dagger, shield [?]. A rider was clad with stiff-garments, furs and [?] and leather-belt.' 



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