Im , Eirien Tuilinn o Lamedon , aníron suilannad elvellyn phain

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Eirien (S. 'daisy') (TA 1982) Elf maid, daughter of Amroth and Nimrodel. When terror came out of Moria, Nimrodel fled and together with Amroth went south to seek an elven haven where they could set sail into the West. But she was lost in Ered Nimrais and came not to the ship where Amroth awaited her. After Amroth's dead, Nimrodel gave birth to a baby and never again was seen among the elves.  The baby was founded on a valley covered with grass and daisies somewhere in the White Mountains by Lenwain, Dúnadan, troubadour and soldier of the gondorian army sent by Eärnil to aid the Dúnedain of the north against Angmar in the battle of Fornost in 1975. After the war, he dwelt by the river Ciril. He took no wife, so he adopted Eirien as his daughter. For nearly 50 years, she lived with him. Eirien spent long years learning music, magic, languages and poetry. When Lenwain died, she dwelt in a white grotto where she felt into a deep slumber, living in a dream world far from evil and war, in a place called Tol Gannel, the harp's isle. It is said that the long spell of her enchantment will came someday to an end, and her awakening will bring a new elvish era. Eirien was noted for her joy, which was said to resemble that of Nimrodel. Called Tuilinn, or in westron, Swallow because this bird represents those people who are restless, who are forever looking for something new.

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